Yesterday and today have been filled with taking photos of my jewelry and listing the items Etsy. There were a few reasons for how and why this happened now - and it's about time! 

Take a look at the items I have listed so far:


I always said I preferred selling my items in person at craft shows because, for me, it is a lot more fun than the tedious task of listing my items online. This was my excuse for why I never listed the majority of items online. My last craft show was this past summer, and since then, I haven't worked on making my jewelry. I just got out of the swing of things. It isn't like I didn't have the time. I actually have had fewer hours of work since the fall. In my head, I needed to find another job. Now here we are, months later, realizing that I don't want another job - especially one that is full time with a company. 

Flash forward to today. I just found out I have a free place to stay in the South of France in May/June, and I also potentially have another trip to China coming up later this summer. A traditional job would never allow me to take on these travel opportunities, and to me, travel is worth so much more than a secure, full-time job.

So these opportunities, plus realizing that a traditional job is not in the least bit appealing, has given me the drive to really give making and selling my products a true go. 

So here's to a fresh and motivated start - 祝我好运!

Four Days On

This past week has been filled with thoughts of the future. Maybe it is the super summery weather, or the fact that I did my first craft show in way too many months this past weekend, or perhaps simply shifting my thoughts to what I want to do in the next year plus - but I have felt myself beginning to make a fresh start. Or perhaps it is better phrased a fresh mindset. I was ready to seize my four "days off" by studying, exploring, and making. 

Today has been a productive one. I woke up, got ready, and walked to our Main Street area to look at an empty storefront. A friend and I are drooling over retail and studio spaces, and she sent me pictures of this space. It would be a wonderful space, but that dream is still just that, a dream. Next I rode the elevator up and walked to our brand new library to study Chinese for a bit (today I was looking at 走了), and then browse the stacks for books to inspire me. Here's what I came home with:

As I began writing this post after walking back from the library, freshly inspired to dive deep into my business and making, I typed "Four Days Off" into the title bar. Almost instinctively, I deleted the last three letters, and replaced them with two new ones: o + n. Usually days where we aren't working our everyday jobs are called "days off." The simple act of typing the word off, deleting it, and then typing on, has had a huge impact on my mindset. As I started thinking about this more, I realized just how opposite I wanted my days off to feel. I didn't want my normal "job" days to be my on days. My on days should be focused around doing and making and learning what I want, full of pursuing passions and exploring my surroundings. Now that is what I can an on day. 

I have decided to start calling the days I work my "obligation days" - days where I can't solely do things to benefit myself and my business.

Below I go into a little more depth about my thoughts on having ON days vs. OFF days, as well as explaining why these particular books called out to me. This is the first video I have put together, and considering how smoothly it came about, I plan to keep making more of these. Look forward to videos on studio days, thoughts on being an artist and maker, inspiration, and all things that I am currently interested in.

I look forward to sharing more of my on days. Until then, 再见!


Hi all! So long, I know. Time to turn this thing around!

A lot of things have been manifesting lately, both mentally and in the real world, and I think now is a great time to hit the ground running. I kept putting off this blog and my making because I am a great starter. I can start the heck out of projects, but now is the time for follow through. For finishing. 

I'll give you a little teaser as to what my current LARGE project is:


That's right! Along with a couple of friends, we are going to be renovating a 1975 31' Airstream. I'm sure this renovation will take at least a few months to complete, but once it is, this will be where we call home for the next little while. I have had great fun measuring the interior and figuring out the floor plans, which I will share with you here once things get a bit more flushed out.

While this is going on, I plan on also working on a few other large goals:
1) Focus on making products for The Object Studio. Continue making and designing new jewelry. Make paintings. Find a small kiln. Rent a studio space once we move into the Airstream. Actually list online or find retail space to sell my work.
2) Continue to learn Chinese. I'm really missing China right now, and one way to curb that will be to continue my quest to learn more Mandarin.

I am going to be using this site to document all aspects of my work and processes. I want The Object Studio to be more like a lifestyle for me. This is why I originally chose this brand name - it does not limit me to any one medium or product, and to me the word 'Studio' infers a lifestyle of making and learning.

No time for excuses. Let's do this thing!



I had a wonderful time at this past weekend's craft show in good old Oregon City! Let me just say, doing a show a mile from your house is fantastic. There was a great turnout and I was able to meet a lot of other local creatives, as well as other Portland area based artists. And I got lucky with a central location right by the stage, and the live music was great - lots of music from the later 1800's mixed with more contemporary artists. 

I received a lot of great feedback, and heard a lot of "I've never seen this before" and "This is really unique!" These are my favorite comments, because it is so hard to have a completely unique point of view nowadays, especially in jewelry. I also heard word of my work spread to other vendors, because I had a few come by and mention that they had heard about the "cool stick jewelry" through other customers and vendors. Uh, can you say awesome

AND I'm really happy with how my display turned out! This is the first show I showed with this display, and it was a huge hit. Next time I will use a bit more fabric as the backdrop, but otherwise, this was perfect! Since this show was set up in quads, I had two sides open to the public, and decided for the diagonal layout, which I believe did help to pull people in from both sides.

The plants came from my yard, and the nature they brought to my area was absolutely wonderful.

Here is to many more wonderful shows! Thanks to all those who stopped by, and keep checking in, because I'm hitting the road to find local shops to carry my jewelry, and after that I will be posting pieces in my online shop!



Whew! It feels great to be making after a week of vacation and a long stint of organizing and re-designing my workspace. This is what I'll be working on today:


I have my Chinese news/talk radio going on in the background, so who knows, maybe I will pick up a few phrases here and there. I like to see if I can figure out what each story is about. The best I have done so far is a piece on how Obama didn't meet with the Dali lama while he was in the US, and [people?] didn't understand why, but he already had meetings scheduled during the visit [that last part was in English, so I got a major hint there].

And this is Zara, studio helper #1, chain enthusiast extraordinaire!


I'll be photographing all the new pieces and adding them to the website by tomorrow evening. Seriously, you ask? YES! I have a show application deadline, and another one right around the corner. There will be lots to look at soon, so stay tuned!