“Ideas are a dime a dozen.
People who implement them are priceless.”

- Mary Kay Ash -

In designing and beginning this adventure in running my own business, I have come to learn that I have countless ideas, but when I begin working on one, I lose focus and jump to the next. And the next. And the next.  I feel live I have always had this quality, and need to work on honing my focus skills.

I ran across Amanda Genther's website and everything that I read just hit home. I began reading her blog, and the first post I read was spot on. It hit home. So much that I immediately jumped over here to begin writing this. I can't wait to go through her blog posts, see what kind of information she emails out, and let you know about how it pushes me to grow The Object Studio. 

Since I am such a visual person, I believe that beginning The Object Studio will help me to (learn to) focus. Seeing everything that I create, and making sure that there is a cohesive thread running through it, will allow me to continually be inspired by what I make, and the impact it makes as a set of objects presented together. This, along with the information I am sure to glean off of Amanda's site, should push me towards exploding this little seed of mine into a blossoming and ever growing venture.

Now is the time to begin with a big push. This is how I am going to stay accountable.