I had a wonderful time at this past weekend's craft show in good old Oregon City! Let me just say, doing a show a mile from your house is fantastic. There was a great turnout and I was able to meet a lot of other local creatives, as well as other Portland area based artists. And I got lucky with a central location right by the stage, and the live music was great - lots of music from the later 1800's mixed with more contemporary artists. 

I received a lot of great feedback, and heard a lot of "I've never seen this before" and "This is really unique!" These are my favorite comments, because it is so hard to have a completely unique point of view nowadays, especially in jewelry. I also heard word of my work spread to other vendors, because I had a few come by and mention that they had heard about the "cool stick jewelry" through other customers and vendors. Uh, can you say awesome

AND I'm really happy with how my display turned out! This is the first show I showed with this display, and it was a huge hit. Next time I will use a bit more fabric as the backdrop, but otherwise, this was perfect! Since this show was set up in quads, I had two sides open to the public, and decided for the diagonal layout, which I believe did help to pull people in from both sides.

The plants came from my yard, and the nature they brought to my area was absolutely wonderful.

Here is to many more wonderful shows! Thanks to all those who stopped by, and keep checking in, because I'm hitting the road to find local shops to carry my jewelry, and after that I will be posting pieces in my online shop!