Hi all! So long, I know. Time to turn this thing around!

A lot of things have been manifesting lately, both mentally and in the real world, and I think now is a great time to hit the ground running. I kept putting off this blog and my making because I am a great starter. I can start the heck out of projects, but now is the time for follow through. For finishing. 

I'll give you a little teaser as to what my current LARGE project is:


That's right! Along with a couple of friends, we are going to be renovating a 1975 31' Airstream. I'm sure this renovation will take at least a few months to complete, but once it is, this will be where we call home for the next little while. I have had great fun measuring the interior and figuring out the floor plans, which I will share with you here once things get a bit more flushed out.

While this is going on, I plan on also working on a few other large goals:
1) Focus on making products for The Object Studio. Continue making and designing new jewelry. Make paintings. Find a small kiln. Rent a studio space once we move into the Airstream. Actually list online or find retail space to sell my work.
2) Continue to learn Chinese. I'm really missing China right now, and one way to curb that will be to continue my quest to learn more Mandarin.

I am going to be using this site to document all aspects of my work and processes. I want The Object Studio to be more like a lifestyle for me. This is why I originally chose this brand name - it does not limit me to any one medium or product, and to me the word 'Studio' infers a lifestyle of making and learning.

No time for excuses. Let's do this thing!