Four Days On

This past week has been filled with thoughts of the future. Maybe it is the super summery weather, or the fact that I did my first craft show in way too many months this past weekend, or perhaps simply shifting my thoughts to what I want to do in the next year plus - but I have felt myself beginning to make a fresh start. Or perhaps it is better phrased a fresh mindset. I was ready to seize my four "days off" by studying, exploring, and making. 

Today has been a productive one. I woke up, got ready, and walked to our Main Street area to look at an empty storefront. A friend and I are drooling over retail and studio spaces, and she sent me pictures of this space. It would be a wonderful space, but that dream is still just that, a dream. Next I rode the elevator up and walked to our brand new library to study Chinese for a bit (today I was looking at 走了), and then browse the stacks for books to inspire me. Here's what I came home with:

As I began writing this post after walking back from the library, freshly inspired to dive deep into my business and making, I typed "Four Days Off" into the title bar. Almost instinctively, I deleted the last three letters, and replaced them with two new ones: o + n. Usually days where we aren't working our everyday jobs are called "days off." The simple act of typing the word off, deleting it, and then typing on, has had a huge impact on my mindset. As I started thinking about this more, I realized just how opposite I wanted my days off to feel. I didn't want my normal "job" days to be my on days. My on days should be focused around doing and making and learning what I want, full of pursuing passions and exploring my surroundings. Now that is what I can an on day. 

I have decided to start calling the days I work my "obligation days" - days where I can't solely do things to benefit myself and my business.

Below I go into a little more depth about my thoughts on having ON days vs. OFF days, as well as explaining why these particular books called out to me. This is the first video I have put together, and considering how smoothly it came about, I plan to keep making more of these. Look forward to videos on studio days, thoughts on being an artist and maker, inspiration, and all things that I am currently interested in.

I look forward to sharing more of my on days. Until then, 再见!