Yesterday and today have been filled with taking photos of my jewelry and listing the items Etsy. There were a few reasons for how and why this happened now - and it's about time! 

Take a look at the items I have listed so far:


I always said I preferred selling my items in person at craft shows because, for me, it is a lot more fun than the tedious task of listing my items online. This was my excuse for why I never listed the majority of items online. My last craft show was this past summer, and since then, I haven't worked on making my jewelry. I just got out of the swing of things. It isn't like I didn't have the time. I actually have had fewer hours of work since the fall. In my head, I needed to find another job. Now here we are, months later, realizing that I don't want another job - especially one that is full time with a company. 

Flash forward to today. I just found out I have a free place to stay in the South of France in May/June, and I also potentially have another trip to China coming up later this summer. A traditional job would never allow me to take on these travel opportunities, and to me, travel is worth so much more than a secure, full-time job.

So these opportunities, plus realizing that a traditional job is not in the least bit appealing, has given me the drive to really give making and selling my products a true go. 

So here's to a fresh and motivated start - 祝我好运!